The 903 High School Challenge follows the rules of the Big Bass Bonanza, with the addition of the items below:
Qualified entries for this particular contest must be a high school student currently enrolled in grades 9-12 at an accredited high school within the 903 area code.
In this particular contest, a “team” is defined as a group of high school students (meeting above qualifications), currently attending the same school, and consisting of a minimum of 2 with NO maximum number of members.  However, only the top 4 weights from each school will be considered to be that school’s “team.”  “Team” is not an officially organized group, but rather an implied term consisting of contestants who currently attend the same high school. Team members will be compiled by Big Bass Bonanza officials, in accordance with the rules set forth below.
Prizes won for this particular contest are above and beyond any other potential prizes that could be awarded.
The 903 High School Challenge has two separate components:
1.       A thousand dollar monetary prize will be given to the contestant who catches the biggest bass, and who is a student currently enrolled in grades 9-12 at an accredited high school within the 903 area code.
2.       A thousand dollar monetary prize will be awarded to the team whose combined weight of entries (1 entry per team member) is the highest total of all other teams. The prize will be divided equally among team members. The high school represented by the team will receive a traveling trophy recognizing the team’s achievement.
To be a part of the 903 High School Challenge, contestant must inform officials at weigh-in the name of the school he/she attends. Contestants who do not provide this information shall not be considered for this particular contest.  Only the top 4 entries (maximum) from the winning school will be considered as members of the “team.”
Q High School                    X High School                    Y High School                     Z High School
Joey       5.23                        Mark      None                     Steve    4.38                        Sally      5.56       
Bob        4.05                        Cindy   7.31                       Ralph    None                     Jim         6.81
Charlie None                     Roy        3.27                        Craig      7.17                        Chris      7.04
Phil        3.24                        Dan        3.55                        Bubba   3.94                       
Jack        3.51                        Aaron    4.88                        Bubba   6.59
Donny   3.45                                                                        Bubba   6.47
Total:    16.24                                     19.01                                     18.14                                     19.41
Z High School Wins!!!  (Sally, Jim & Chris split $1,000!!  And the trophy goes to Z High School!)
X High School finishes 2nd
Y High School finishes 3rd  (We only use Bubba’s biggest fish)
Q High School finishes 4th  (We only use the four individual biggest fish, sorry Phil!)
And Cindy wins the Individual competition  ($1,000)

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