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A Little Something About NASCAR Mama

What made you a fan of NASCAR?
My dad took me to my first race… I was in my early twenties. It was Talladega. It was fast, intense and exciting. I was hooked.
What do you like about NASCAR?
I love the speed, the passion, the personalities, the teamwork. It takes the total package to win races.
Which one is your favorite driver?
Jeff Gordon is my favorite driver. I originally picked him because Darrell Waltrip was retiring and I could see Jeff’s #24 the best out of the pack. Turns out, I picked a good one.
 What is your favorite track?
My favorite track, other that Texas Motor Speedway, is Martinsville. When you go there, you get a really good feel for the history of the sport.
What is it like to be in the pits? 
Exciting. You have to be really careful not to get run over!
Are there are little bits of trivia that you can pass on from behind the track? 
If you go to a race, be sure you get a scanner. You can listen to all the stuff you never hear on TV. If you want to learn what a driver is really like as a person, listen to him talk during the race… you will get some honest answers!

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